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About us


We’ve been direct-marketing for years…


In fact, since 1998.


Lots of things have changed since we started.


The arrival of computers, email and the internet – to name but a few.

ListsUK started off supplying targeted lists of ‘business opportunity seekers’ from adverts in the Exchange & Mart (that’s the printed version you bought from the newsagent once a week!).

Your lists were printed onto self-adhesive labels and we sent them to you in the post.

We then expanded our offering to become probably the first data company to supply business-to-business data and mailing lists in more reasonable volumes, meaning smaller companies could now start to use them, too (before that, you couldn’t normally rent less than 10,000 records at a time – an expensive proposition, even when a 1st class stamp was only 26p).

But, some things haven’t changed.

We offered a “100% satisfaction” guarantee with your data back then (in fact, we were the first company to do so), and we still guarantee to get you more business now.

We still do all we can to help smaller companies market themselves effectively (like the small, 2-person, start-up company that reached £180k turnover in their first 12-months’ trading as a result of using our marketing services).

And we also work with some of the larger companies, too (our B2B lists and data are directly responsible for adding more than £7m to British Telecom’s turnover and we’ve advised Coca Cola on their email marketing strategy).

But it’s not ‘About us’, it’s about you…

Yes, the services we can offer you may have grown, so now in addition to business and consumer mailing lists, we can also offer you email marketing, marketing automation, social marketing, data cleansing, print & mail, fulfillment, lead-generation, and yet more besides.

But whilst the services we offer may have grown, the service we offer you is still the most important part – we’ll help and advise you, we’ll take time to discuss your business and what you’re looking to achieve from your marketing. Then we’ll help you find the best way to get your business directly in front of the people and businesses you specifically want to be doing business with.

We’ve helped over 4,400 customers get more business; if you’d like to join them – get in touch now and let us help you get more business, too.

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